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The IRIX Network is the world's premiere Silicon Graphics hobbyist community. Our site includes archives of other SGI sites, a wiki with SGI-related information, a forum for community discussion, two chat services (Discord and Internet Relay Chat), a marketplace, and a collection of FTP, rsync and HTTP downloads.
We are heavily volunteer driven and appreciate any donations, volunteer work or development from the community. If interested you should reach out to the staff on the forums, or Discord.

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As the New Year has come and gone we are working hard on irisware. irisware is a nekoware replacement, build framework and bootstrap being developed and supported by IRIX Network. Work is progressing steadily, but we are looking for volunteers. If interested, message Raion.

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As we reach our year end, Raion is throwing a viewing party on New Year's Eve. For details see the forum thread here