Local Mirror (Irisware) - This is the local mirror hosted by the IRIX Network on irisware.net.   Address: ftp.irisware.net   Protocols Available: http, ftp (no SSL for either)   Location: Texas
Larbob.org - This mirror is hosted by Larbob.   Address: mirror.larbob.org   Protocols Available: http   Location: Kentucky
Irisware FR - This mirror is hosted by eudatux23.   Address: fr.irisware.net   Protocols Available: http   Location: France

FTP Locations

The IRIX Network maintains a vetted collection of software, both commercial and free and open source which may be useful to SGI hobbyists.   Please report broken links in the Site Discussion section of the forum.   If you are the rights holder to any piece of software we host and wish for it to be taken down, please email a properly formatted takedown request to dmca [at] irix [dot] cc.

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