SGIDepot - The website of Ian Mapleson, an SGI specialist located in the United Kingdom. Features technical information about SGI systems, advice on system administration, freely-available official SGI reference documents, benchmark results and performance comparisons, SGI news, links to useful SGI sites, information on non-SGI computers, and a store selling hundreds of different SGI systems, parts, accessories, upgrades, and more. If you need to buy something that has anything to do with SGI, SGIDepot probably sells it.
Mashek Systems - Mashek Systems is a Silicon Graphics reseller located in Tennessee, USA. Like SGIDepot, the site offers systems, parts, and accessories, as well as IRIX install media along with their systems for an addititional cost. To buyers in North America looking to purchase large or heavy items, shipping from Mashek may be cheaper than other resellers (particularly when domestic).
Mood Indigo - A German SGI forum, featuring systems for sale and discussion of SGI hardware and software. Not particularly active in the past few years, but may contain useful information for German-speaking SGI hobbyists.
SiliconBunny - An early SGI hobbyist website. Centered around its blog (unfortunately unmaintained, last updated in 2010), the site also features useful downloads, detailed information about select SGI models, pictures, and more.
4crawler - The personal site of ex-SGI employee and off-roading enthusiast Roger Brown. Features information and software downloads for the IRISVision card (which Brown worked on during his time at SGI), IRIX tips and tricks, information about SGI's technology in the Nintendo 64, and miscellaneous SGI information, in addition to other non-SGI-related pages about Brown's other hobbies.

Other Sites

The IRIX Network maintains a list of other websites which may be useful to SGI hobbyists. These sites include useful information, community forums, SGI hardware and software for sale, and more. Please note that the content of these sites is controlled by their third-party administrators, and is not necessarily reviewed by the IRIX Network team. If participating in third-party communities, always remember to review and follow their rules, especially with regards to downloads, pirated copies, or sales of commercial software.

This page only lists sites which are currently available online. For defunct websites re-released by the IRIX Network, please see our archives.

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